Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kalamata's-Greek Done Right

Tonight before heading out to see Wicked at TPAC, we stopped at Kalamata's in Brentwood, TN. I decided to try something new so I opted for the Baba Ghanoush. Knowing it was similar to hummus in texture and seasonings made this an interesting choice since I have not found any hummus that I particularly care for. This eggplant dip was delicious with an exotic smokey and slightly nutty flavor. The olive oil drizzled over it was defininitely of good quality and added a nice richness that cut the almost overpowering eggplant taste a bit. The wheat pita provided for dipping was not too dry and had a pleasant yet not overpowering wheat flavor of its own that perfectly complemented the dip. All the ingredients were perfectly orchestrated and played a nice melody that left a nice aftertaste not always present with vegetable flavored dips.

I also ordered a lamb gyro, opting out of the tomatoes and cucumbers they add. The Tzatziki was not too light and provided a nice moistness that was evenly spread throughout to provide a wonderful seasoning. Having had the best gyros in the world at Savva's in downtown Athens, I am quite the critic when it comes to gyros. The tzatziki was among the best I have had. The lamb was cut into strips (I prefer shaved), however it was perfectly tender, but lacked a little salt, or other seasoning. All was stuffed in a nice wheat pita pocket. They were very generous with the portion of lamb for the excellent price of $4.95. My only 2 complaints were 1. I am used to having something similar to french fries in my gyro (thanks Savva's!) and 2. lacked a little as far as seasonings (again comparing to the world's best so its still great).

The menu provides the option of getting normal size portions at a bargain (starting around $3 up to $5) and is conducive to trying new things or getting to experience multiple things on the menu-as opposed to the also well priced "plate" portions which are very large for around $9. The staff is pleasant and extremely helpful and they provide plenty of explanations. Many of the menu items are prepared in view from the freshest of ingredients. This will be one place I will definitely return to again.

star rating*****
Staff *****
taste ***1/2
price ****
location *****
menu ****
I would give it a 4.5 over all (out of 5)

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