Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The End of a Fine Establishment

As is the trend of fine restaurants in Mobile, AL, word has it that Guido's restaurant has closed its doors officially. Guido's was perhaps my favorite in a long line of unique restaurants i have tried in my 22 years. Guido's was established in two old houses where one served as the kitchen and the other as the dining room. Upon entering, one notices the chalkboard menu written by the morning chef that must be followed by the evening chef (it was never the same). Guido's served a fine assortment of soups, salads, and entrees that are often a blend of Cajun, Italian, and seafood. Ever present was a Mahi Mahi dish usually featuring an exotic homemade topping such as mango salsa. A fine steak was also a staple. Calzones, pastas, and jambalayas were also always on the menu. Portions were never a problem as the serving sizes were ample and every dish was served with garlic mashed new potatoes and fresh green beans. If that's not enough, the fresh baked herb bread with dipping sauce never runs out. For those who are ever in need of a palate cleanser as I am, the bread pudding with whiskey sauce was without a doubt the most delectable bread pudding I've experienced. The cake selection was never the same but among the best were the slabs of red velvet cake or Italian Creme cake that would rival Pollman's bakery's best. I will forever miss this quaint, unique establishment, but I hear rumor that there is still one open in Fairhope, AL

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